• How do I set up payments with my renters?

    You may discuss all possible options with your renter and decide on the most appropriate one. Frementa does not get involved in payment between the Homeowner and the Client.

  • Does Frementa guarantee payments?

    Frementa is not responsible for any contracts signed between the property owners and the Clients.

  • How do I collect payments for my property?

    It is completely up to you to choose the payment method between you and your Client. We at Frementa do not guarantee payments invoiced between the Homeowner and the Client.

  • How to sign a rental contract?

    You will need to negotiate this information with the second party and possibly the real estate attorney. Frementa is not responsible for signing any contracts between the two parties.

  • What documents are required to sign a contract?

    We will be happy to send you a guideline on the documents needed to sign a contract. Please email us at support@frementa.com

  • What if my bank isn’t supported?

    We accept PayPal and all major credit and debit cards: VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.

    If you are having trouble with payment, please contact your bank and request to authorize the online payment. Also, please verify you have enough funds on your account to complete the payment.

  • What is Frementa return policy?

    Credits used for property view are subject to return to the account within 24 hours if the view meeting was canceled by the Homeowner or was interrupted by technical reasons on Frementa.

    If the view meeting did not occur due to the Client’s no showup, the credits will not be refunded.

    Subscription plans are not subject to refund. If you choose to cancel your subscription, it will remain active till the end of the period you have paid for. 

  • Fines and penalties

    If the property owner hasn’t shown up to the view meeting for at least 3 times, his account will be blocked, and he will be subject to a fine of 50 euros to reactivate his account.