• How do I post my home for sale?

    Adding your property on Frementa can be completed in 5 simple steps:

    1. Click on Add my property on the home page. You will be asked to choose whether you are an owner of the property or not. Our service is created for owners. So if you are not one of them, you will not be allowed further. 
    2. Specify information about your home: location, number of rooms, pool, gym, backyard, furniture, price, etc. 
    3. Add your photos. Please be advised, we only accept photos in .png, .JPEG, and .jpg formats with the minimum resolution of 640X480. You are welcome to upload from 5 to 40 photos for each listing. 
    4. Review your information and make adjustments if needed. On this stage, you can also provide your availability time for property view in the Calendar. To read more about our Calendar, please go to https://frementa.com/calendar 
    5. Select your subscription plan and click Publish. Please be advised we require up to 48 hours to verify your listing before we approve or decline it. Until then it will appear under the Pending section in your listings. 

    Please be notified, a Homeowner is only allowed to list a property once on Frementa. No duplicates will be allowed. In case of failure to do so, the Homeowner will be subject to account block and further removal from the website. 

  • How do I edit my property listing?

    After your listing has been approved, it will appear under My listings. This section contains all of your listings, including active, canceled, and expired. 

  • Can I temporarily deactivate my listing?

    Sure. We understand that you may have your own reasons to deactivate the listing for a certain period of time. We at Frementa would be happy to support you in your decision. Go to My Listing and click Pause my listing.

    The listing will be paused for 30 days. 

    This feature is only available for one-time usage and is limited to 30 days. After a 30 days period, your paused listing will be automatically reinstated on Frementa. You will not be able to pause the same listing again. 

  • How and when to renew my listing?

    The listings are automatically moved to the Canceled/Expired section if they haven’t been reviewed after 30 days. To review and renew your listing all you need to do is confirm the information about your listing is correct and click Save. You’re all set!

  • How do I delete my published listing?

    Simply go to your account, select the property you no longer want to be listed on Frementa, and click Cancel. The property will be moved to the Canceled/Expired section under your listings. You are eligible to bring it back to active listing for as many times as you want. 

    Please note, our Free subscription plan automatically deactivates all listings after 30 days if they haven’t been reviewed and updated. Please remember to review the listings regularly.