• My photos are not posting on Frementa

    We at Frementa take visual appearance seriously. Before you upload the photos of your property to the website, please make sure they meet the requirements below:

    1. Each photo must be in a .png, JPEG, or .jpg format with a minimum resolution of 640X480;
    2. You are welcome to upload from 5 to 40 photos per the listing;
    3. Please try to avoid uploading duplicate photos or photos which present the same angle, room or object multiple times;
    4. Please do not post over-retouched photos. We like it an all-natural way. 
    5. We need time to verify your listing, so please allow to 48 hours for all photos to be moderated prior to appearing on Frementa.com 
    6. If you prefer professional photos to be posted for your property, you can order such service separately and we’ll be happy to handle it for you. Our plans start at $99/month. Please visit Subscriptions Plans for more details or contact us at support@frementa.com 
  • Will my address be visible to people?

    The address of your property is sensitive information. It will only become available to the Client after you confirm the booking for a view time.