• How do I find the property?

    With the help of our filters on the catalog page, you can choose all the desired characteristics such as location, price, pool or gym availability, and many more. Start by going to https://frementa.com/en/catalog then select Property Type, Price, Size, Quantity of Bedrooms, and the time when it was published. Houses available in the selected area will be displayed after you apply the filter. If you need help finding the property, you can always call us at +34 - 931 - 111 - 999, chat with a specialist or send us an email at support@frementa.com

  • How do I know I can trust the property owner?

    Before the property gets posted on Frementa, there is a verification process it has to go through. We contact the Homeowner and make sure he owns the property. We check the photos before they are uploaded. And we guarantee there are no duplicates of this listing for a different price.

    Both Homeowners and Clients have their personal rating on Frementa. The higher the rating is, the more trusted the account is. The rating is built based on several criteria, such as response rate and time and reviews. Top-rated Homeowners respond to the proposed time within 24 hours.

    If no response is given within the specified timeframe, the booking is automatically declined and the rating of the Homeowner lowers.

  • How do I know the listing is unique and not posted elsewhere for a higher price?

    We verify all the listings and eliminate duplicates before they appear on Frementa. Frementa is a platform without intermediaries, so the owner can only post his property once and is not allowed to create duplicate listings.